The Choir


Julie Birrer

Juline Christofferson

Sue Consolo-Murphy

Linda Edington

Rhea Lewis

Judy Lurie

Debra McSwain

Nicole Meneveau

Amy Robinson

Linda Rode

Patti Roser

Shirley Thomas

Connie Tyler

Judy Weikle

Alice Widdess


Karen Coleman

Samantha Compton

Carol Cunningham

Julia Goldensohn

Margi Griffith

Sue Hebberger

Lisa Hoyt

Cynthia Huyffer

Debbie Kopp

Deb LaPointe

Karen O’Connor

Amy Russian

Sharifa Suniga


John Farrell

Joe Graig-Tiso

Bob Kopp

Jesse O’Connor

Vincentius Themadjaja

Ian Whipple


Nancy Bohne

Annette Osnos

Ben Skelly

Henry Williams

Choir Director: 

Ron Fabry

Choir Accompanist and Assistant Conductor:

Arla Burbank


The Jackson Hole Chorale rehearsals take place every Monday evening, 7:00-9:00 PM, at the Music Center in the Center for the Arts.  All are welcome to come and try us out!